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After decades of diligent research, including digging into the writings of numerous renowned experts, Robert T. Fertig has produced his ninth intrigui...


May 22, 2018

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May 22, 2018

After decades of diligent research, including digging into the writings of numerous renowned experts, Robert T. Fertig has produced his ninth intriguing book. This work addresses age-old questions everyone seeks answers to, with a particular emphasis on the differences that exist in thinking on critical life issues.


The author says, “The only reasonable solution to the wave of school, church, and airport mass killings is profiling. It clearly works in Israel! Everyone has a cellphone, which should be used to report suspicious persons, confidentially. Unfortunately, trained teachers and guards, with guns, must also be in every large school and college, with metal detectors installed at all entries and exits to schools. Databases containing incidents of anti-social behavior must be established, and authorities must take action on all validated activities. Mental health also needs to be much better addressed in America, and extremely violent movies must be controlled by authorities.”


“Individual civil rights are meaningless when you’re dead!” Author


“Culture Battles … is a compelling, thought-provoking book that invites readers to think about culture and to ponder on some of the existential issues that are prevalent in contemporary history. The reader is offered a wide selection of reflections, each crafted on a specific theme, but the overall book deals with the question of why we are here, why we experience the cultural and religious differences that have been behind the numerous tensions in modern times. This is a powerful work that is well-researched and that enters into dialogue with the best thinkers the world has ever known, experts in religious and cultural phenomena, and writers who have articulated on ideas of life, cultural dialogue, the purpose of human life, the place of culture in the evolution of life and human consciousness, and a lot more.

“Robert T. Fertig’s writing is exceptional and not like anything one sees too often. The reader is left in no doubt that this book is well-researched and that the author knows what he is talking about. Readers will discover thought provoking observations and find answers to questions they have asked when faced with cultural realities and challenges of our time. It is interesting to notice the author’s mastery of the different schools of thought, including the core teachings of doctrines like Christianity, Islam, atheism, and others. This is a book that will resonate with readers who are willing to dig deeper and understand the fundamental truths of their existence. Culture Battles: Truth Shall Prevail is written in a compelling voice and the writing comes out as confident. There is a lot for readers in this book, truths that are disturbing.” Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite (A 5-Star Rating)                      


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