Robert T. Fertig’s latest works include:

Culture Battles and Consequences. This is works of non-fiction based on insights and words of wisdom from seventy-five scholars, scientists, philosophers and theologians.

Best Interest of the Children, an in-depth look at the role of Guardian ad Litem (GAL) based on the experiences of Fertig and his wife, Miriam, endured as volunteers.

Middle East Quicksand, a historical novel based on current events and recent political actors on the world stage, featuring espionage and romance during the Middle East crisis.

Guardianship Reality (RATED FIVE STARS TWICE), offers readers the perfect picture of what guardianship looks like. It's a work that showcases the author’s extensive experience in dealing with the protection of the most vulnerable people in society — the children and the elderly. … Readers are introduced to a wide range of case studies, insightful and well-meaning tips and advice, and a critical look at the legal system and its processes when it comes to guardianship. …


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