Robert T. Fertig’s latest works include:

Pursuit of Wisdom: 

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Pursuit of Wisdom by Robert T. Fertig is a book about finding the truth in everything that surrounds us. We all want acceptance and unconditional love; we crave it and it is in our most basic nature. However, we are also curious by nature, which is the reason why we need to know and understand the meaning behind the most common things in life. From understanding the “truth” of cultural change, climate change and even how or if we can live together as a community, these are the questions that we ask ourselves every day. The author talks about how these truths are important, how they are necessary for us to build a community, build trust and understand what it takes to accept every human being as a valuable addition to the community.

The author shares his thoughts about his general understanding of what truth is, what is goodness, what exactly is justice and how every basic need of humans comes down to finding the most objective answer to their questions. Everything has a “truth” and if you understand that, you can understand everything else. This is the beginning of an awakening that the author believes every reader should have. I have immense respect for the author for conveying such a complicated idea in such a simple yet eloquent way. He had control over the narrative, he had a flow in mind and he executed it perfectly. I enjoyed the fact that the author didn’t force anything on the reader; he just laid out his ideas and his thoughts on the pages and gave it to the reader to make whatever they want with it. This is enlightening and educational at the same time.

Culture Battles and Consequence (RATED FIVE STARS): This is a work of non-fiction based on insights and words of wisdom from seventy-five scholars, scientists, philosophers and theologians.

Best Interest of the Children (RATED FIVE STARS): Presents an in-depth look at the role of Guardian ad Litem (GAL) based on the experiences of Fertig and his wife, Miriam, endured as volunteers.

Middle East Quicksand (RATED FIVE STARS):  This is a Historical novel based on current events and recent political actors on the world stage, featuring espionage and romance during the Middle East crisis.

Guardianship Reality (RATED FIVE STARS), offers readers the perfect picture of what guardianship looks like. It's a work that showcases the author’s extensive experience in dealing with the protection of the most vulnerable people in society — the children and the elderly. … Readers are introduced to a wide range of case studies, insightful and well-meaning tips and advice, and a critical look at the legal system and its processes when it comes to guardianship. …


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